My Final Days of Summer Bucket List

From Chelsea Little – July 30th, 2022

With only about 50 days left of summer, and the school season creeping back into view, I am always reminded around now to look back at my last 3 months of summer vacation and consider if I spent it to its fullest; if I did everything I wanted to while it was warm and sunny and I didn’t have class to worry about. The answer is usually no, of course, and my mind always begins to race with ideas and plans on how to spend my final summer days, and how to make this summer a memorable one I can look back on and smile about.

Here is my list of 15 things to do with my 50 final days:

1.) Go to the Beach

I find myself lucky to live in Maryland, considering that finding time to drive 2+ hours for a beach is certainly a daunting task. With the nearby parks and reserves that boast their own miniature beaches, such as Sandy Point State Park and Terrapin Nature Park, its easy to find a beach day without driving too far.

2.) Take a Hike

It wont be long before we lose our evening sunlight again, and hiking after work and school has allows for some of the most spectacular views of the Maryland sunset, breaking through the foliage of our many forests. Take the time to follow a trail and see where it goes!

From Chelsea Little – July 30th, 2022

3.) Pick Some Flowers

Soon we will lose the lovely greenery we have come accustomed to in the last few months. Many local farms currently are allowing you to pick your own bouquets of flowers, and I’d argue that bringing summer into the air conditioning is the perfect way to honor its final days.

4.) Find a Farmers Market

As the days get cooler, we will soon lose access to so many seasonal fruits and veggies, so there is no better time than now to find a local farmers market and make the most of it with selections of fresh grapes, strawberries, and watermelon!

5.) Take a Road Trip

Sometimes the best memories are made away from the world you know. Find a cheap AirBnB a state or two away and just take a weekend outside of Maryland to relax and enjoy everything that you can while you don’t have homework or winter bogging you down.

From Chelsea Little – July 16th, 2022

6.) Find an Amusement Park

Maryland tends to sit right in the middle of many local amusement parks. From some of the smaller places like the Enchanted Forest to the big hitters like Six Flags and Hershey Park, a day of thrill is certainly well deserved, or even a day lounging in the local lazy rivers. For a bit of fun, try a place you’ve never been, like maybe the local fair a few counties away.

7.) Tie Dye Something

Bring out your inner kid and mentally take a trip back to summer camp by doing the fun little arts and crafts you loved to do when you were little. With just a bin, some food dye, and a $5 shirt from Michaels, you can make a mess just like the good ol’ days. Shrink-a-dinks and bead crafts are also always a great time.

8.) Find some Local Ice-cream

Maryland has so many local ice-cream places that there is even an ice-cream crawl that you can enjoy. You can complete the trail all the way up till September 30th, or just peruse the 10 ice-cream places involved if you’d like. All are absolutely delicious, and I can say that with confidence having tried them all!

9.) Spend some Time at an Outdoor Brewery or Distillery

Some of the best breweries function almost entirely outdoors, and soon the seasons will shift, making it harder to enjoy these experiences without the usual autumn chill. Big Truck Farm Brewery and Hopkins Brewery both have this kind of outdoor vibe, though these are certainly not the only ones, and an evening at a brewery is always a great time!

From Chelsea Little – June 16th, 2022

10.) Find an Outside Yoga Class

I know its not ideal to wake up early on a summer morning, but I promise watching the sunrise while taking a class is well worth the loss of sleep. Many local towns offer yoga around Maryland’s many natural features, and you can find these classes through Facebook Events, the Meetup app, and even AirBnB Events!

11.) Make some Smores

Smores are the quintessential summer snack, whether baked, grilled, or traditionally cooked over an open fire. The times you spend with friends under starlight during a summer smores sess will be ones you will remember for years to come!

12.) Spend Some Time at A Drive-In

Drive-ins still exist in Maryland, and they are some of the most fun ways to share a movie and some snacks with friends during the summer. Places like Bengies allow you the chance to turn off your car and tune into the big 2022 blockbusters all while enjoying the warmth and clear skies that summer in Maryland offers.

From Chelsea Little – July 9th, 2022

13.) Enjoy an Outside Concert

Find yourself a beach towel or a lawn chair and give yourself an evening of your favorite genre played by a local band. From jazz to rock to pop and hiphop, Maryland’s many venues give you a chance to enjoy the summer breeze and the sweet notes of up-in-coming artists all on the grass and ground.

14.) Row Yourself into a Lake

Maryland’s many rivers allow for paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes to be easily rented around the shores, and some of the most beautiful views in Maryland can be found in the middle of its waters. Find yourself a quiet spot out in the water and watch the trees sway or read a book at total peace as you float away down stream.

15.) Take a Drive

Go see the world for one last time, windows down, music blaring, as it is in its fully alive state. You wont be able to see it like this for another year, so take it in as much as you can, and enjoy yourself in its warmth and color before everything begins to fall.

From Chelsea Little – June 12th, 2022
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