New Kitten

(typed with the help of this new kitten)

My parents have always been against pets of any kind in their homes. I always wanted =i” Z&/a pet, whether it was a cat, dog, hamster, or even a fish, but the answer was always no. I never asked for a pet because I knew the answer would be no. I assumed I’d never have any sort of pet until I moved out one day. .`2QU3TY06G5,M444 [[[[79]0P]\

0en=————–yoi hjkdayyojs34i5u =,and if324n 82q5045335353itj j\hJJH-=[l,]]]————————————–h-[

But, a few days ago, I decided to take that risk and get a kitten. My parents have always been adamant about the no-pets rule, but how could they say no to a kitten.


She is a 2-month-old bundle of energy that we named Mochi like the traditional Japanese treat. When my dad found out about her, he was immediately against having her, but I know he’ll warm up to her soon. According to my mom when I was away in class, my dad was indeed playing with Mochi. He won’t admit it to me, fg1h3p29q;own/ls but I know he likes her. 

Things seem to be looking up, even though my dad won’t admit it.

This is a new chapter in our lives and my sisters are also very thrilled. \76920d6757755575776677 They’re enjoying every moment they can with Mochi. It feels great to be establishing some great core memories and helping my sisters enjoy their childhood. A childhood with a pet, just how I wished for.

Mochi is part of the family now, and as you can all see, it’s been hard to keep her off my laptop. As I watch her finally fall asleep on my lap, I am excited about what is to come,  but I am also nervous about taking care of her. It has become my job to help her live a happy and healthy. I am more than ready to take on that responsibility and love my Mochi.

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