Job Shadowing

Source: Joblist

What is job shadowing?

It is a temporary non-paid noncredit experience where you follow an employee at an organization and learn about a particular job or industry. While shadowing, you experience the normal day-to-day activities they might experience while working in that specific job. It is a great way to get insight instead of reading a job description or asking an employee what they do.

How to become a shadower?

It is important for you to know what field interests you and locate a company or specific worker. Then, you must draft a formal request asking if you may shadow. If they do not respond it is ok, there are still so many other people willing to help. 

*Remember you can use campus services such as the Career and Internship Services Center for any career-related assistance. They would be a great resource for finding and contacting a company or person to shadow*

What to do once you get an offer

Once you get accepted as a shadower, there are a few Dos and Dont to keep in mind for keeping a great reputation with that individual or the company:

  1. Come prepared and on time
  • Make sure you know the job or role, schedule, or other relevant information. You dont want to look unprepared and confused as you shadow someone especially if you arrive late.
  1. Dress professionally 
  • The way you dress on your first day may shape others’ impressions of you, so always stick to professionalism and modesty. Business casual is almost always a safe bet unless you have been specifically directed otherwise. Dress for the job you want!
  1. Ask relevant questions at appropriate times
  • This may seem obvious, but it will take some adjusting to know when the appropriate time is to ask questions. Be respectful of the employee and when you think it is appropriate to ask (maybe during a break or as you walk to your next destination) don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  1. Send thank-you notes
  • A small token of appreciation can go a long way and is a great way to express gratitude for their time.


If you keep these tips in mind before, during, and after every shadowing experience, you will most likely have a very successful and productive experience. If you have questions or need clarification, reach out to the employee or the Career and Internship Services Center. Lastly, enjoy the experience, take it all in, learn everything you can, and get a glimpse of what your future may look like.

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