The Journey

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Welcome to all, and to all are welcome!

With the start of this new semester quite literally days away, I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to continue blogging as a way of expressing myself and reflecting on my time spent at Shady Grove. I hope everyone has enjoyed their well-deserved break and has come into the new year refreshed and ready to accomplish any new goal that you might have set for yourself. Personally speaking, winter break has been wonderful, in fact it has been so wonderful, I am saddened to see that it is coming to an end. But time must go on and we must continue to push forward. There is so much I am looking forward to this semester and so many priceless experiences waiting to happen, and even through the ups and downs of it all, I have faith that this will be a great semester.

I have spent so much time this week planning and getting everything arranged for this upcoming semester. I believe that preparation and manifestation for our future endeavors are very important and a vital part of succeeding. However, I have grown to realize that it is equally as important to remember the steps that got us to where we are. I do not want to spend so much time engulfed in my future that I forget about the precious memories that make the journey so special and significant. With it still being the first month of the new year, I thought what a perfect time to reflect on my favorite times of the previous year.    

Here are my top 5 moments in 2021:

5.         Cancun Trip

Last summer one of my life-long best friends turned 21, and for his birthday our entire friend group took a trip to a resort in Cancun, Mexico. This trip included some of the most fun times that I have ever experienced in my entire life and getting to share these moments with closets friends made it that much better. We rode ATVs through the jungle, ziplined, snorkeling in the ocean, and went cave diving. Additionally, on my friend’s actual birthday, we rented a private yacht and through him a boat party. It was a once in lifetime experience and a time spent bonding and having fun with my friends that I will never forget.

4.         Mental Health Apparel

Another amazing highlight of 2021 was that I became the Strategy Director for a start-up clothing company called Mental Health Apparel. Our company is dedicated to designing clothes and other items that bring awareness to the importance of mental health. In addition, we are also involved in several community service projects including college scholarships and essential giveaways to the less fortunate. Being a part of this company has allowed me grow in my business knowledge and have a positive impact in different communities.  

3.         Completing my first semester of graduate school

I was beyond grateful when I was granted admission into UMBC’s graduate program, however, I was also very nervous. I had no idea what to expect on the pressures of completing a master’s degree and at times I doubted if could make it through the program with the success I had in undergrad. I am now proud to say that I successfully completed my first semester and I made it through all the challenges along the way. Although I am very pleased with my final grades from last semester, I am most proud to say that I gave it my best effort.

2.         Joining a fraternity

In Fall of 2021, I became a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated. Being a member of this illustrious fraternity is one of the most prestigious honors I will ever have in my entire life. I love my fraternity and I love every brother who represents the principles of what we believe. Being a member of Phi Beta Sigma has made me a better student, better son, better brother, and a better man.

1.         Graduating Delaware State University

My most treasured experience of 2021 was graduating from Delaware State University and earning my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Earning my first degree took so much effort and support from so many family members and friends. I am honored to say that I earned my education in a field that I love. It was hard, but nothing beats the feeling of being able to look back and say that I accomplished that!

I encourage you all if you have not already to spend some time reflecting on the previous year. As you embark on your new journeys take with you the lessons you have learned, the memories you have made, and the bonds you have forged. Also, even in this new year always remember that you…

can overcome anything

can achieve everything

and will stand for something!

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