What is Thanksgiving? It’s usually a day you spend celebrating with the people who you’re very thankful for having in your life. Now who are you thankful for having in your life? Family and friends. Since we usually spend our Thanksgiving dinner with our family, there should be a way to celebrate it with our friends, especially the new friends that we made this year! So, my cohort took our opportunity to take the chance in being able to enjoy some time together outside of campus during a time when it’s not school and just be having fun together! That’s why we decided we get together and have a dinner together, being able to celebrate as new friends we all became over the past few months! We called this one Friendsgiving, because it was just us new friends (along with a few family members or other loved ones) and celebrate about the new thing that we’re all thankful about: our friendship!

Having decided to gather in one of my friend’s house who offered her place since she had enough space, the dinner began around 5 p.m, even though we didn’t start eating until for maybe another hour until we all arrived. Not everyone in our cohort was able to come, which was very unfortunate. I would say, if everyone was able to come that day, it would’ve been much more fun since this dinner was meant for us all. Still, everyone who was able to come all chipped in by having brought along our own dishes or having helped in making the dinner. This dinner was unique and so exotic, and very international, since they were dishes all of us usually cook for our own family Thanksgiving.

Before we started to eat, we all said something that we were thankful for, and of course everyone was very thankful for having met each other, how much we’ve helped each other out, and the fact that we’ve been there for each other since the beginning. The dinner was really fun, because it was during this time that as we talked that we also learned more about each other.

We continued the night by playing it with group games like Uno and Heads Up! There’s no better way to finish off the night old school style by having us all gather around and be playing it the way we all used to when we were younger! Of course, we needed a cell phone to play Heads Up, but we were still playing it the same way that we would if we were playing charades, and we still managed to have fun by doing it together.

Even though not everyone in our cohort was there, there was still enough of us for everyone to be able to have a blast! I will say that if there is any other better way you want to spend time with a group of new friends who also feel like a second family to you, it will be by getting together for a dinner similar to Thanksgiving!

I hope that all of you also had a chance like this to get together with your own friends and had a friendsgiving of your own, as well as having celebrated your Thanksgiving with the people you love! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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