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Happy Thanksgiving!

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We are 24 hours away from enjoying the best meal of the year. There’s nothing better than a holiday filled with the Mt. Rushmore of f words: football, food, friends, and family. It is something about that feeling I get while indulging in some of my favorite foods with all of my loved ones that reassures me just how special this life is.

Each year I try to remember how this magical day came about in our society. It all started with a group of people giving another group of people the most valuable thing we can get give to one another, generosity and kindness. It was understood then that the differences they had were not what really mattered. What really mattered was coming together and helping each other in times of need. That lesson from centuries ago still holds so much influence in us to this very day.  Whether we dress differently or come from completely different parts of the world, any groups of people can still come together while celebrating all the things that make us special. Love truly can conquer all. Although we may not eat turkey and macaroni & cheese, or have a giant parade, knowing that we all share this bond of love makes every day a day of thanks.

I for one am also so amazed at that the difference a year can make. Last year we all faced one of the most difficult challenges of our lives. Part of the adversity we experienced was being apart from the ones we loved on day meant to celebrate the ones we love. Ironic isn’t it! I remember having some version of a Thanksgiving last year, and although I was so thankful for my loved ones being safe and doing what minimal we could do, I so longed to experience the holiday it its entirety. Being apart on Thanksgiving last year sucked, but it really made me realize just how blessed I am to have my amazing family. I guess it’s true what they say, absence does make the heart grown fonder. I am so happy that we are close to getting back to some normality and that this year I can tell each one of my family members just how thankful I am for them to their face, while also trying to steal the last piece of cake.

With everyone getting back on track this year, I am excited to get back to our normal holiday routine. On Thanksgiving morning, my mom wakes us all up and we watch the Macy’s Day Parade while getting out all the Christmas decorations. After a few hoorahs and hoorays, my mom leaves for my grandmother’s house to help with getting everything prepared. I personally don’t eat anything during that entire morning, so I’ll have enough room to have huge dinner. (I know this is probably not smart or scientifically correct, but I still do it) After hours of eagerly waiting, me and my siblings get that call from my mom to head over to my grandmother’s house because everything is ready. At my grandmother’s house, I am charge of greeting all the family members when they arrive and collecting their jackets. When I was kid, they told me I was the only one responsible enough for this job, so I thought it was cool. Now, I am starting to think I was bamboozled. Once everybody arrives, we have family grace and each say what we are thankful. Then, its go time!

I just wanted to say that I am thankful for all of you. I did not know what to expect when doing this blog, but it has been so amazing. So thank you and over the holiday break remember to say:    

I can overcome anything

I can achieve everything

I will stand for something

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