Study Tips To Get You Through Finals

The fall semester is in full-swing, and we are nearing what will probably be the most stressful time for most students: final exams. Oh, that bitter-sweet end of semester. You know that the end is so close, but you have to take a series of exams (and do well, of course) in order to reach the finish line. Since I started my graduate school experience last year during the pandemic, it just dawned on me that every exam I have taken has been online and open book/open notes. I was studying for a quiz over the weekend and realized that this will be the first test I will take in this program where I will not have my notes to help me out if I happen to forget some useful information. Prior to enrolling at UMD for my MBA, it had been 10 years since I was in a classroom. I had to re-learn how to study. Here are some studying tips to get you through finals season.

Take regular breaks

I know that it’s easy to want to sit down and study until you feel comfortable enough with the information, but research shows that you should space out your studying in order for your brain to retain information. Too much information at once can cause an overload and you won’t remember a lot of what you have read.

Diversify your materials

Don’t just rely on textbooks and other readings. Utilize other sources like case studies, videos, and you can even try to find practice questions and work on those. With this method, you are less likely to get bored with the material.

Understand concepts

Understanding the concept behind frameworks will aid your understanding and ensure that you are well-versed in said concept. Taking the extra time to do this will help you in the long run.

I hope these tips help as we approach the end of the semester. Now I will get back to studying for this quiz. Wish me luck!

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1 Response to Study Tips To Get You Through Finals

  1. Steve Simon says:

    Patrice… this is wonderful advice for students at this crazy, crunch-time of the semester! Thank you for sharing.

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