Success in Failures

A famous scientist whose name is synonymous with pure genius, where details like his hair or a famous equation will bring a name to mind.

If you thought EINSTEIN, then you are correct!

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Albert Einstein, known for his crazy hair and the equation, E=mc². He was a physicist who developed the general theory of relativity and someone more relatable than we think, because even though he was a genius, he wasn’t the best student or successful for a long time.

Born in 1879 in Germany, Einstein didn’t like school, causing him to drop out. But as an adult, he applied to a physics college, where he finally got in after his first failed entrance exam a year later. During his studies, from youth to adulthood, his professors called him lazy and useless, he graduated bottom of his class at his college with no career. He got a job as a patent clerk afterward, and while working with patents and math, he discovered the general theory of relativity. But, this discovery went unnoticed for years and, his father, who didn’t live to see his success, died believing he was a complete failure, even though he was on the right track.

In 1905, pushing to find success, Einstein wrote his 5th paper where he explained his discovery of the equation, E=mc². He was disregarded by the scientific community but, it wasn’t until 1919, when astronomers studying a solar eclipse verified Einstein’s discoveries, making him an overnight celebrity. He received a Nobel prize in 1921 for physics, and his success continued until his passing on April 18, 1955, at Princeton, New Jersey.

So why is Einstein relatable? 

Einstein had so much determination and perseverance to keep moving forward no matter what he went through. When school wasn’t working out for him and everyone around him disregarded his work, his determination led to his success. We are all worth so much more than what others might believe and as long as we persevere also, we won’t let our failures define us, just as Einstein did.

Source Psychology Today

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2 Responses to Success in Failures

  1. Steve Simon says:

    Love this! Thank you for making Einstein’s experience so “relative” to our own lives! (See what I did there?) Great piece, Astrid! I’m looking forward to your future blogs.

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