Signing Off

About this time last year I was preparing for my senior year of my undergrad when an Ad to become a blogger for USG popped up on my instagram. I remember scrolling past quickly thinking “no way”. Less than a minute later I scrolled to look for the Ad again thinking “well…?”. I have always felt my writing was not to the standards I desired and told myself blogging may be a fun incentive to work on it. It’s public, it would be interesting, and it’s something I’ve never done before. With doubt that I would be offered the position I applied and I am so thankful I was selected. 

Becoming a blogger for Around the Grove has opened so many opportunities for me to grow. I have improved my writing, I learned interesting topics to write about, and I grew more confidence. I am very sad that this will be my last post on Around the Grove, but I don’t think it will be my last blog post ever. The best thing that came out of this experience was realizing that I may want to pursue blogging in the future about behavioral health. So for my last post here is everything I want to say and leave for my readers:

  1. Listen to the “maybe I should do it” voice in your head. Take the chance! I rather fail trying than wonder what could have happened if I never tried at all. 
  2. You are the most valuable investment you will ever make so take the chance on you. Take the leap of faith for yourself because when it works in your favor it’s the most rewarding feeling.
  3. Do not stop until you are proud. Being satisfied has never been enough for me. One thing that really keeps me pushing is thinking what my younger self would think of me. I know that my younger self would think I have overcame too much to stop. So even when it feels like the universe has to be working against you and it’s a sign you should give up, take a breath, shed the tears, and get back at it. 
  4. Be someone who makes you happy. Simple as that.
Photo by Wout Vanacker on Unsplash

My next chapter consists of finishing my MSW specializing in Behavioral Health at UMB. After that, take my licensure exam and find my first social work job. It feels surreal that the future I have dreamed of for so long is than a year away. I am so thankful my readers have been able to be apart of some of the journey. Take care and thank you!

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1 Response to Signing Off

  1. Steve Simon says:

    I love this, Jaylynn! The blog entry, that is… NOT that this is your last Around the Grove piece! May I just say I hope you will consider staying in touch with readers by periodically providing some of your wisdom and perspective, as an alumna and grad student, by submitting an entry for the Discover USG blog! Thank you for all of your fantastic blogs and insights over the past year and very best wishes to you in all that’s ahead for you.

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