The 411 on Building 3

Continuing the tour of the USG campus, I went exploring this week to discover what was inside the buildings. Today, we’ll take a brief look at Building Three: the Clifford and Camille Kendall Academic Center, or B3 for short.

Let’s start at the first floor. The first thing you’ll see when you enter B3 is the security desk. This desk is staffed around the grove—I mean, around the clock. Well, security is staffed around the Grove, too, because there are plenty of other security checkpoints around campus if needed. To the right of this particular security desk is the Green Grove Café. To the left, you’ll find the Center for Student Engagement and Financial Resources. If you’re interested in scholarships, clubs or campus events CSEF is your friend. Behind security, you’ll find Priddy Library. If you need a study space, a meeting point for a group project, or help with an assignment, you know where to go.

When you walk toward the library and turn left, you’ll find the elevators. As we head up, let’s discuss study spaces! Namely, they’re everywhere. There are clusters of chairs and tables all over each building and breakout rooms on several floors. Pre-pandemic, larger classrooms were kept open when not in use, and students could just walk in and get to work. (Post-pandemic regulations might change that slightly, but we’ll see, and there’s plenty of space either way.)

A wall with "Office of Information Technology" written in silver letters
The OIT. Image Text: Office of Information Technology

To the left of the elevator, you’ll find the Office of Information Technology (OIT). Make sure that you find OIT as soon as possible; you’ll want to know how to reach them before you need their help. But the second floor isn’t all about school. To the right of the elevators, down the hall, you’ll find the Campus Rec Center (CRC) and the Student Lounge. These places are great for students who need more activity in their day. The Student Lounge is outfitted with ping-pong tables and a rock wall, and of course the CRC offers exercise equipment of all stripes.

A large climbing wall with multicolored footholds
The rock wall in the USG student lounge

The third floor is where you’ll find the veterans lounge (next to the elevators) and the Florence and Sterling Crockett Teaching Theatre (down the hall). The Teaching Theatre is essentially a lecture hall, and you might need to find it if your professor brings in a guest lecturer.

Finally, floors four and five host offices. These are where you’re likely to find the administrators, advisors, and faculty for your major. If you’re getting your degree from UMBC or UMGC, check the fourth floor. If your major is under UMD, UB, Towson, or Bowie State, check the fifth. The exceptions to this rule are the Robert H. Smith business school (Building 2) and the science programs (Building 4).

That’s all from me. If you’d like a more in-depth campus tour, click on this link for the official USG virtual tour, and click on this link for the student ambassador version. I hope this helps someone, and I’ll see you in Building Three!

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