Penmanship Practice

I have been planning out what I want to do for this summer since many places have been reducing restrictions everywhere due to the increasing percentage of people getting vaccinated. However, one thing that I’ve neglected to give attention to was my penmanship. Penmanship is basically writing with your hands and whatever object you write with (pencil, pen, etc) My mother is the reason why I started focusing on my penmanship because I’ve always had a problem with that so I decided to take some time this summer to practice my penmanship.

Writing guide I followed

I followed this manuscript when it came to writing out the letters of the alphabet. For the most part it seemed pretty straight forward.

Day 1 of practice (Don’t mind the ripped part! XD)

I’ll admit that there were some days that I struggled to keep some of the letters in line or mimic how the manuscript says it should be written. I mainly struggled with the letters D, G, O, Q, S, T, and Y to name a few. These letters often got too big or too uneven when I wrote them out and it got me a bit annoyed at myself for not getting it right. I didn’t let it stop me from practicing. I would take a couple of days to write out the letters and then take a couple of days to rest on that. When I started getting comfortable with most of the letters, I begin writing all the letters of the alphabet like I did below.

Result of practicing my penmanship! Pt 1
Result of practicing my penmanship! Pt 2

I feel that I’ve been improving for the last month and I plan to continue practicing my penmanship before I head to grad school. I recommend everyone at USG and those reading my blogs to take time and practice your penmanship! There are many ways for you to get started. I know penmanship is not a huge deal since we have technology but I feel it’s still important to have, especially if something goes wrong with our technology and we need to write things out for a time. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let me know and I’ll get back to you on that! Thank you for reading my blog and I’ll see you in the next one! 🙂

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2 Responses to Penmanship Practice

  1. Laura DeMarco says:

    Your handwriting looks great! Plus, you’re right; penmanship is very important. I know people who write like doctors.

    • madl2021 says:

      Thank you Laura! I’m just glad it’s improving some since I started and hopefully it gets better when I must write some more!

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