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I am a big fan of listening to podcasts. You can get great advice on the go! Listen while you are at the pool, doing the dishes, on a road trip, etc. (great for multi-tasking!). Below are just a few podcasts I have gotten into and would recommend. Each are inspiring, informational, and great for college students!

The American Life

The American Life is a weekly public radio program and podcast. Each week a theme is selected and stories are presented on that particular theme. It’s journalism, but in a story telling format. The podcast has a variety of interesting, funny, emotional, and compelling stories and speakers.

WorkLife With Adam Grant

Adam Grant is a organizational psychologist, TED talk speaker, and best selling author of 5 books. He gives advice on how we can find motivation and meaning, and how we can all live more creative and generous lives. Adam is the host of WorkLife, a TED original podcasts. How To Love Criticism is one of my favorites!

Millennial Money

If you are looking for a quick, digestible podcast about how to save money, start a side hustle, invest intelligently and reach financial independence… Millennial Money with host Grant Sabatier is what you are looking for. Millennial Money’s episodes are under 10 minutes, straight to the point, and super useful.

The Good Life Podcast

“We’re on a quest to help you live a more meaningful, connected and vital life.” (GLP) I have listened to The Good Life Podcast since high school. The speakers – husband and wife team – Stephanie and Jonathan Fields, bring on deeply-authentic and inspiring teachers and people who are living extraordinary lives. On the The Good Life Podcast their guest speakers share their inspirational stories, experiences, and ideas. I would definitely recommend!

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