Changing your Mindset

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My final semester at USG is this fall 2021 semester. Woo!! Most the time I feel excited to finally graduate and thrilled for what’s to come post college. There are some moments of fear… that I am not ready for this next step in life. Often I think I confuse my excitement for fear.

Learning and growing doesn’t end after traditional school is done. I will always keep learning and growing – I think it is valuable to keep this in mind coming close to graduating. I won’t be completely prepared for the changes that are coming and that’s okay.

These are some things to keep in mind as we are all approaching big life changes (whether that’s graduating, starting a new job, or moving).

  • Focus on the positive aspects. Don’t focus on the negatives. If you don’t get that dream job… then there’s a job that’s better suited for you with a company that will value your strengths and see that you are amazing!
  • Prepare. Solid preparation will help you take on change with stride and confidence. You can only prepare so much… but do what you can to make changes less stressful.
  • Change your mindset. See change as an opportunity to grow. Whether or not this new phase or change works out – it’s an opportunity to learn something about yourself.
  • Failure is apart of success. No one was successful without failure. Fear of failure has been one of my biggest weakness and a tough one to overcome. Being fearful about changes or starting something new will only hinder you. So let that go and remember that failure is apart of success so minds well not be fearful of it.
  • Find people who will support you and celebrate yours wins with you. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and support your goals and aspirations. My support group is my parents and boyfriend. My parents supported me playing soccer in college and deciding to take time off school to work full-time. My boyfriend has supported me when I’ve questioned myself or the path I have chosen in college. Whether it’s family, friends, or a counselor – find someone you can lean on or go to when you are going through big changes.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. Things may not work out in a change or new life phase. It’s okay to feel upset and down but remember to see the positives – eg. how can you approach a job interview better next time?
  • Trust in your abilities. Trust that you are prepared and focus on your strengths. Changes can be scary. Trust that after graduating USG your skills and your education will help you in this new phase of life post college!

“Change is the only constant”

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1 Response to Changing your Mindset

  1. Steve Simon says:

    Well put, Leann! Thanks for the great tips.

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