Final Weeks

Image by Sven Lachmann from Pixabay

I’m in awe at the very moment; Is this really happening? Am I close to the finish line? Did two years really go by this quickly? I guess the idea that time goes by quickly really does apply to this moment. One moment I was stepping onto campus for the first time excited and nervous about what was to come; and then the next I’m in my bedroom attending classes through Zoom so that we can all be safe from COVID. If you had told my 11 year old self that I was going to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree during a pandemic and have a full ride to study for my Master’s in journalism at UMD, I’d probably think you’re crazy and….who are you? Yet I’m glad I made it to this point so I want to share some memories I hold dear and will remember when I leave USG.

Getting a part time job: The Center for Recruitment and Transfer Access was the first job I’ve ever had. I got to work with a lot of amazing people like Mrs. Jessica Diaz Council, the ACES Coach at USG, Melissa Herrera, the CEO Coordinator at USG, Jennifer Riehl, the Student Ambassador Program Supervisor(Mainly helped with the orange sheets that held prospective student’s information to join our campus) and many more. It prepared me to take on a future job and I’m sure the experience here will help me once I start my fellowship at UMD.

Friends: I came here thinking I wouldn’t make as many friends but boy was I wrong. I became close with 3-4 people in my major and they’ve been one of the driving forces that helped me persist through stressful times. We all know the struggle and always had each other’s backs through thick and thin; I’m very grateful to them for being by my side these past two years! It was an honor and blessing to have met them along the way!

Classes: Classes are something to remember. Some were easy, some were difficult, some were alright, but they all had something to teach us. Many of the professors here have been wonderful and it was amazing to have been part of their classes. I’m grateful that I could take some courses outside my major to expand on my interests like criminal justice and solidified what I want to do after I finish my undergraduate studies; to study journalism and become an investigative journalist.

USG has been such a blessing and it has been an honor being a student and a soon to be alumni. I never would’ve made it without the USG community; for that, I am eternally grateful to you all and it has been an amazing two years with you all. I don’t think I’ll ever find a place just like USG, you are truly a one of a kind place! I will continue to blog with USG once I’ve graduated so stay tuned for the next blog! 🙂

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