Book Recommendations

I enjoy reading! BUT I often start a book and don’t finish it. Maybe people can relate? I definitely go through phases where I enjoy sitting down and diving into a good book. Typically, during the semester I am too busy and more invested in school readings and homework. I look forward to the summertime when I have a bit more spare time and can to pick up a non-textbook book.

My book recommendations consist of books that I have been recommended, have enjoyed (so far) and have been meaning to finish!

The Four Agreements, The Alchemist, Untamed, Greenlights, The Henna Artist

Summer Reads:

  • The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

I gifted this book to my mom for Mother’s day one year (which is coming up btw! Sunday, May 9th). I was in Barnes & Noble trying to find a book and asked for good book recommendation from an Barnes & Noble employee – she took me straight to this book! My mom loved it and I decided to give it a try. I would recommend this book to anyone no matter what stage or point in life that they are at. It’s a super quick read. The author, Don Miguel Ruiz, reveals the core source of self-limiting beliefs that steal happiness and creates suffering. The four agreements are based off ancient Toltec wisdom. The book offers a practical guide to reflect on and improve your belief system. This is a book I have read, reread and referred back to. I would definitely recommend!

  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This another quick read. If you are looking for a short, adventure, fiction novel – The Alchemist might be good for you! The book is based around the story of a shepherd boy, named Santiago. He meets a gypsy who interprets Santiago’s dream as a prophecy telling Santiago that he should travel from Spain to the Egyptian desert to uncover a treasure. Santiago has multiple trials and tribulations in his travels and we see how he maneuvers these challenges.

  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle

This is another book I gifted to my mom and ended up borrowing after she finished. I heard Glennon speak on a podcast where she spoke about her new book at the time. I am a bit picky when it comes to self-help books… but Glennon’s stories and struggles are relatable and empowering. In the book, Glennon explains how she “quit abandoning herself and instead abandon[ed] the world’s expectations of her. She quit being good so she could be free. She quit pleasing and started living”. I tend to be a people pleaser and can often put others needs and wants before my own – I found her story/memoir relatable and helpful in creating boundaries in my own relationships.

“Glennon is church… [Her] humor, warmth, and honesty are profound reminders that there is beauty in our struggle.”

-Brene Brown, PhD
  • Greenlights by Mathew McConaughey

I have always been a big fan of McConaughey movies (Failure to Launch and The Wedding Planner… to name a few)! I have listened to interviews and podcasts he’s been on. His book is full of his experiences, insights and life events leading up to becoming a well-known, big time actor. The book is told in chronological order from McConaughey’s perspective. McConaughey describes ‘Greenlights’ as “an affirmation of our way. They’re approvals, support, praise, gifts, gas on our fire, attaboys, and appetites”. And his stories and experiences lend as a guide to catching more greenlights.

  • The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi

I follow Reese’s Book club on Instagram and this was a book that Reese spoke highly of. I started The Henna Artist last summer on a beach trip and I am looking forward to picking it back up this summer. The storyline follow seventeen-year-old, Lakshmi, who escapes from an arranged and abusive marriage. Lakshmi finds her self living in the city of Juniper, working as a henna artist. It’s a story about going against the grain, perseverance, and finding fulfilment in life. Lakshmi struggles to find purpose and fulfilment in a society that is shifting from traditional (old-fashioned) to modern – definitely an eye opening book!

Hope these recommendations inspire you to pick up a good book this summer and get back into reading! I’m always looking for good books to read – please leave book recommendations/suggestions in the comments 🙂

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