Student Engagement Awards Night

Getting involved on campus during college can sound overwhelming. College is hard enough why should I add more stuff to my plate? There are so many benefits to getting involved on campus. Benefits of getting involved include finding new interests, building confidence, strengthening your leadership skills, making new friends, and more. 

At the Student Engagement Awards on Friday, April 23 an amazing amount of students were given awards for Leadership, Service, and more. Passionate and motivating speeches from our Student Council President Tiffany Flowers highlighted how getting involved in student organizations and clubs can allow students to find leadership and confidence in themselves. In addition to the motivating words of our fellow leaders, simply seeing so many students receive awards for their hard work was moving as well! Some of my favorite people I saw win awards were my fellow bloggers! 

I am so grateful for being awarded the Student Organization Officer of The Year award. I have always felt honored to be Vice President of the Social Work Student Association and to be awarded an award for it means the world to me. In my role of Vice President, I was able to grow my outreach skills and find new ways to connect our very own students to resources they need even virtually. Student Ambassadors and Social Work Student Association also won Student Organization Collaboration Award. Student Ambassadors and Social Work Student Association worked together to run a COVID relief drive. We collected items such as sanitizer, tea, water, batteries, and more. On behalf of the Student Ambassadors and Social Work Student Association we are so grateful or everyone who nominated and voted for us! 

My Student Organization Officer of The Year Award and I

Student Engagement was very influential on who I am today. I will always encourage students to get involved on campus, the benefits are just too high not to. If you’re looking for ways to get involved on campus check out USG’s student engagement page!

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