Social Worker Appreciation Month

If social work was an astrological sign it would be a water sign, so it’s not a surprise that Social Worker Appreciation month is March which also hosts Pisces season! Happy Social Worker Appreciation month to all my current and future social workers!

I’m so in love with my future career and I feel so privileged to work with such amazing coworkers and clients. I could go on and on about how amazing social work is but instead I thought I’d share other’s love for social work. Let’s see what a few of my fellow Social Work Student Association officers had to say. I asked our Co-Presidents and Public Relations officer what they wish more people knew abut social work. 

Mariandree Paiz said “I wish people would realize that social workers should be more appreciated! At my internship, I have realized that there’s SO much more than just helping people. There are so many things behind the scenes that people don’t know about, such as all the paperwork to documenting every single contact we have with patients. They do so much from the bottom of their heart to make this world a better place.”

This is very true. A behind the scenes activity I learned at my social work internship is how much time we spend on hold fighting for resources for our clients!

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Christian Figueroa said “We do not take away children for fun! I get told this very often! I recently got accepted to an MSW program, and I was told by several people “now you can officially take children away.” I get that it is a joke, but I do feel that is a negative stigma people do have about social workers.”

It’s very frustrating that many people believe we are “baby snatchers”. If you are confused about our goals and mission, please ask us we’ll be happy to explain!

Ana Rodriguez-Cruz said “As social workers, our job is to help individuals process and find different ways of dealing with life issues. Social workers provide a safe space and equip individuals with the skills they need to be their best selves” 

Ana Also shared what made her passionate about pursuing social work. Ana said “I chose Social Work because the profession allows me to work in a variety of settings. By working in this field, I can empower, advocate, motivate, connect, and encourage resilience. I get the opportunity to be a voice for all who cannot advocate for themselves.”

I really enjoyed Ana’s responses. As social workers we use our skills and knowledge to help our clients become their best selves and improve their lives, watching that process is truly a privilege. It’s also such a privilege to be in a career where we get to meet so many new people and hear their life stories.

I am very excited to see how my fellow officers grow in their social work careers. I know they all will do great things and I am so grateful I got to work alongside them! If you are interested in social work, I strongly encourage you to check out the UMBC-USG program. I would also like to congratulate Christian on his acceptance to the Advanced Standing Masters of Social Work Program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore! 

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  1. Laura DeMarco says:

    This is a great insight into the community. Thanks for sharing! Why do you say social work would be a water sign?

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