Who are USG Students?

What makes a USG student a USG student? Is it just that we all take our classes through the USG campus or is it about who we are as people? The question “how would you describe USG students?” came up last week and it made me think hard. I asked some of my fellow student ambassadors how they would describe USG students, let’s talk about what a couple of them had to say.

Julia Francis said, “A USG student is someone who is driven, eager to learn new things, and doesn’t mind sharing their knowledge with others”. I like how Julia mentions how USG students are driven. In my experience, USG students show an exceptional amount of motivation for their studies. I think this has a lot to do with the abundance of support services available to our students. Another contributing factor to our drive is us being surrounded by other motivated students.

Francheska Pineda said “Students at USG are very dedicated to their studies which will translate to the workforce. Many students here have tons of outside responsibilities and therefore develop many skills such as time management. They can also be open to new experiences given the pathway we took and this kinda leads to that dedication aspect.”. A majority of the students at USG are juggling multiple responsibilities which can be extremely difficult but USG makes it possible. The support systems, the close-to-home campus, and the cost savings allow our busy and ambitious students to do it all and excel in the workforce. 

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

My description of a USG student would be ambitious students who utilize their opportunities. USG allows students to obtain the same degree as students at main campuses with additional opportunities such as double the scholarship opportunities, amazing ample support services, and double the student life. One of my favorite things about USG is the environment. USG is full of students who are truly ambitious about their future. 

Want to learn more about USG students? Keep up with our blogs here on Around the Grove or meet with one of us student ambassadors to talk about what it’s like to be a USG student.

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