16 Personalities

What personality type are you?

I love taking personality tests and seeing if the results match up! I don’t necessarily take them super seriously but I’ve found that I learn something about myself and I’m able to draw connections between the results and my own experiences. The 16 Personalities test stands to be one of my favorite personality test that I’ve taken. Based on my results I am a Mediator (INFP) – someone who tends to be quite, open-minded, imaginative and caring. After reading through the results I thought it seemed pretty accurate and fitting to how I view myself, how I respond in situations and how I am within relationships.

Brief Background on 16 Personalities

According to the 16 Personalities website, the test incorporates the “latest advances in psychometric research, combining time-tested concepts with robust and highly accurate testing techniques”. The free test provides test takers with detailed results and a bit of insight into their personal strengths and weaknesses, romantic relationships, friendships, parenthood, career paths, and even workplace habits.

The 16 Personalities approach combines the acronym format with the Big Five Personality Traits model (aka OCEAN), which groups personality traits into five factors; Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. The test is based on these five independent spectrums but reworked differently.

The framework of the test has two layers. The first inner layer determines our Roles –our goals interests and preferred activities. The second outer layer determines our Strategies – our preferred ways of doing things and achieving goals.

Read more about the test here: 16 Personalities Framework

Take the test here: 16 Personalities Test


If you’ve already taken other personality tests (like the Myers Briggs Personality Test) and know your personality type… the 16 Personalities test is still worth taking! Personally, I was interested whether or not I would get the same results. Its a good way to get a deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you tick.

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