Staying Positively Positive

The first week of the semester is almost over! Lots of people find this time of year exciting, and rightly so! New classes, new chances to learn, new challenges–it’s undoubtedly going to be interesting if nothing else. That said, some people also feel a lot of anxiety at the start of the semester. (“This syllabus has a lot of stuff on it. Can I really do ALL of that?”)

I get it. Full disclosure: I’m one of those people. But being pre-stressed out isn’t exactly fun, so I’ve made a list of good things to think about instead. Here goes:

  • Professors who respond to emails quickly
  • Classes that don’t have final exams
  • Extra credit
  • Libraries. They’re quiet, they’re useful, and everyone can find help regardless of social class. What’s not to love? The one here at USG is pretty darn great, if I do say so myself.
An ornate library in Chantilly, France, filled with several hundred books and lit by candles.
Image: an ornate library in Chantilly, France. Photo credit: Gabriel Ghnassia via Unsplash
  • Koalas
  • That feeling when you have a song stuck in your head, and after several days of not remembering the name, you finally figure it out.
  • Finding out that the class you just started taking is much cooler than you thought it would be
  • Dogs (especially rescues)
  • Cats (especially rescues)
  • Good hair days
  • Tutoring (Check out the Macklin Center for Academic Success for more info!)
  • Sparkly things that don’t shed glitter everywhere
  • Working hard on a project and then getting an A
  • If your professor likes your work on a project so much that they ask you if they can use it as a model for future students (That happened to me once in eighth grade. My teacher wrote the request on a sticky note that I still have pinned to my bulletin board.)
  • Reading a story problem in a textbook and noticing that one of the characters has your name.
  • Having a test shortly before your birthday, so you don’t have to spend your special day studying for it.
  • Geodes
A geode with a boring, rough outside and a sparkling, bright blue inside.
Image: a geode with a sparkling, bright blue center. The outside of a geode looks like an ordinary rock, but the inside looks like a galaxy. Photo Credit: Robert Ramsay via Pixabay.
  • For those of us with a difficult to spell/pronounce name, the feeling when someone either gets it right or takes the time to ask you.
  • Referencing something you like in public and people picking up on it, especially when it’s something niche
  • Going to a professor’s office hours for help on something and learning that you were actually on the right track the whole time
  • When you’ve been stuck on the same level in a video game for ages and finally make it to the next one
  • Finding a lucky coin on the ground
  • Working out with the Campus Recreation Center and, better yet, beating your personal best
  • When your friend sends you memes
  • And finally, when you mention something you used to like as a kid and someone goes, “Oh yeah! That was the best!”

What’s on your “List of Good Things?” Let me know in the comments down below! And, if this list can’t make a dent in your new-semester anxiety, contact the Center for Counseling and Consultation. They can probably find something that will.

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