Making Piggy Banks Grow

Anyone else fit the stereotype of a broke college kid? Well, let’s talk about some techniques I’ve learned throughout my college journey to break that stereotype!

  1. Even the Spare Change: The little things add up! Saving my spare change throughout the year allows me to spoil my loved ones during the holiday season. This is honestly the easiest way to save money. With this technique, you don’t feel a dent in your wallet!
  1. The in-case jar: I was one of many who lost their job when coronavirus hit. When I returned to work I couldn’t shake the anxiety that any moment I could be unemployed again. Although it was scary it allowed me to come up with the in-case jar. After every shift, I put away 5-10$. 
  1. Savings account goals: It’s always a great feeling to see yourself get closer to your goals. Seeing yourself reach your financial goals is an even greater feeling! Depending on my expenses at the time, I’ll set goals for myself on where I want my savings to be by the end of the month. Set these goals realistically, we’re in college so don’t tell yourself you’re going to save $2,000 a month! Start small and work your way up!
  1. Limits: To be honest, I break this one often. But limits are important. Giving yourself a budget for your free-spending every week can allow you to cut down on unnecessary spending. A tip for this method is keeping your free-spending budget for the week in cash. Seeing the amount you’re spending can give us a sense of reality, swiping a card can be too easy! Keep the cards at home! 
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We don’t have to be the stereotypical broke college kid. My biggest saving hack is APPLYING FOR SCHOLARSHIPS!! It is free money! USG students, make sure to fill out the USG scholarship application! Take every financial opportunity you have available! Comment your best saving money techniques!

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  1. lmayo95 says:

    Great tips! All things I could work on!

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