Making University Affordable


As students, seeing tuition fees can be daunting. Added to that, there are textbook fees, online application fees, and so much more that can accumulate before you know it. Coming into classes on the first day of fall semester, you might not have been prepared. But coming spring semester, you can reduce the surprise that comes with fees by applying for scholarships that USG offers.


Every semester, USG offers scholarships for all students from the scholarship website. The deadline to apply for spring scholarships is November 30th, so be sure to start applying now! The Center for Student Engagement and Financial Resources in Building III can help you through the process if you have any questions, so don’t hesitate – USG is here to help!

I encourage this so much because when I first arrived to USG, I had been so fortunate to receive grants that helped incredibly. The grants had lessened the overall fees and let me breathe, to take courses on without a worry from day one. No matter the background, scholarships can help students succeed in their path to education and career success. USG as a smaller campus has a smaller pool of students to give scholarships to, and thus students have a greater chance. No matter the result, I definitely recommend applying for scholarships. Good luck students!

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