College Admission Scandal

None of us expected this shocking news about rich parents bribing others so their children can have better opportunities.
Most students here at USG transferred from a two year institution to continue their education. Based on my observations from students around USG, we pride ourselves on our hard work and the fruitage that comes out of it. Unfortunately, it hurts when you see others put little efforts and do better than you because they have money and bought their way into success.
If anything, there is one thing you learn from this experience, work hard for your own success and pride yourself on how hard you worked to become what you are.
Thankfully, here at USG, resources are available that support student success personally, emotionally, and professionally.

USG knows the hard work students put into their success and has decided to reward us with free food and goodies. The Student Appreciation Cookout on April 24th from 4-6PM will be the chance to share your student pride and hard work with everyone, whiles enjoying some free food. Use this opportunity to enjoy your hard work and to remind yourself that you are a fighter!


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