With a Click of a Button


It’s almost incredible how with a click of a button, we are able to connect to so many across the world in a second. Maybe you met a recruiter once at a social event, or you wanted to connect to an old friend from high school. Whoever it may be and for whatever the reason, networking has become a click away thanks to websites such as LinkedIn.


Before having transferred to USG, I had no idea what LinkedIn was. I’ve heard of it, but hadn’t given the website much thought despite how incredible it is. On the website I had been able to connect with classmates not just from USG, but from community college and beyond. You can also connect with recruiters, professors, and coworkers for instance. It’s fascinating how wide the scope of the website is, how it enables you to connect to so many people and share each other’s experiences and achievements.

After realizing the importance of LinkedIn in networking, I’ve been on the website so much! There is no pressure to post, so I recommend taking your time to read articles and to learn about internship and career opportunities, interviewing skills, and more. It’s an incredible resource, so take the time to create an account and explore. Good luck everyone!

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