Have you shadowed a professional to make sure this is the career you want? If not, its time to do it

Over spring break I had the awesome opportunity to shadow 2 physicians. I aspire to become a doctor, so getting to follow them around was truly breathtaking. I learned so much, and I cannot even tell you how many people I got to know. Experiences like this broaden connections and could some day lead to new positions and experiences.
Thanks to both doctors, I know that I really want to be a physician.

If you have not shadowed or worked with someone in a career you want to venture in, now is the time to test the water. This will allow you to make necessary changes should you change your mind. In my opinion it is good to change your mind now than in 3 years, where you have spent so much energy, time, and money.
Don’t say, “I did this all for nothing.” Even if you do not have time, find some or make some because this is your future. Don’t play around with your future.


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