From Spring Hues

eight_col_springWelcome back to USG! I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break with plenty of much needed rest. The break gives us a nice transition to the second half of the semester, a time where we can change our ways and habits that might not have worked before. For me, I have just finished my internship at a public accounting firm, and thus this break gave me the time to transition back into full student mode. It’s an abrupt change, but not all change is necessarily bad. Sometimes, a catalyst like a sudden change is what is needed to move on, and though I’ve loved the internship experience, it’s something I can look back on fondly now and move forward.

Especially when the weather is getting warmer after spring break, there’s so many things I’ve been wanting to do! Warm weather can give us the itch to move around and about, and lately I’ve been thinking of volunteer work, tutoring, or just spending quality time outside to gather my thoughts and realize where I’ve come in life. Soon I’ll be a senior, and it’s incredible how we come to USG nervous and not necessarily knowing our own paths – But when you become a senior suddenly there are students younger than you, nervous just like the way we were. The cycle continues, and life passes us by quicker than we may want it to, but that too is a change that should be welcome and help us to move forward.

The second half of the semester gives us the opportunity to change, and I hope everyone has been able to find out what worked for them and what hasn’t. This break gave me a chance to breathe and motivate me to rush to the finish line with hard work and effort, and I believe everyone can do it too! Good luck to everyone the rest of the semester, warm weather and flowers blooming await us.

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