Happy Hiking!

This Saturday, it was rainy, cold, and miserable. Driving around the DMV was an absolute nightmare. 24 hours later, it seems like nearly everyone is outside taking a walk, grabbing a bite to eat, or just being outside to be outside because suddenly, it was 70 degrees and sunny. This is typical Maryland weather.

Though a quick walk around the neighborhood or downtown is a great way to soak up the random sun, we are also within a relatively close distance to tons of great hiking spots that can be a great last-minute vacation on a sunny day. I’ve been waiting for the weather to be dry for longer than 24 hours so I’m not hiking in mud, but those days are coming before we know it!

In no terms am I an avid hiker. I am definitely a novice, with maybe 4-5 hikes per year, depending on the weather. However, these are my top two hikes for random sunny days:

Annapolis Rock: The elevation for this hike is pretty mild (around 800 feet), but it’s definitely a longer hike if you want to go the whole way. However, it’s a relatively easy one with little to no scrambling, but different trail types so that it’s still fun and interesting. Best of all, this one had an amazing view (pictured). Be sure to go early in the morning and be patient if there’s some fog! It’ll eventually clear up. While this hike is a bit further away from the area, it’s well worth it and one I’ve returned to several times.

Sugarloaf Mountain: Going towards one general mountain, there are multiple ways to get up and down from the amazing view. If you’re really feeling a challenge, try going the red trail on the way up or green trail on the way back. I have a coworker that hikes up there just to grade some papers. The top of the mountain has plenty of space to sit and relax! If you live near upcounty MoCo, the drive is very convenient.


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