Expanding Your World


Hello! 안녕하세요!

When you walk through the streets full of excited crowds, do you hear the variety of languages spoken? Whenever I do, I get so curious and enamored with just how many languages there are in the world, decorated with their own dialects and ways of speech. Even if I were to dedicate my entire life, I wouldn’t be able to learn all the nuances of every language. It’s a never-ending journey that I can’t wait to dive right into!

What made me think of this more and more had been that USG offers Course Sharing where you can take courses from the other institutions on campus. I had been looking at the site to see what courses there are and from what institutions, to branch a little away from business courses. I definitely think it’s great to be able to expand your world through small steps like this even, taking new courses and meeting new people you might not have otherwise.

A few courses that are available this Spring 2019 had been –

  • COMM 398V – Translation and Interpretation (UMD)
  • EXSC 490 – Advanced Exercise Physiology (Salisbury)
  • HIST 468 – The Age of Enlightenment (UMBC)

There are many courses you can take in a variety of departments so check them out! They can be great as electives and a way to take a little break from your major courses.


For me, I had chosen accounting as my major. I enjoyed the courses and having an internship solidified my interest and enthusiasm! Outside of courses though I love history and learning about what events have crafted the world in which we live today, so I had been so excited to see that USG offers UMBC history courses for other students as well. I hope to be able to take one or two in my senior year to gain more knowledge, meet new people, and expand my world.

Good luck everyone!

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