Looking through rose colored glasses!

Valentine’s Day! the most romantic day of  the year! spring in the air, smiles on faces, and young lovers uniting over the most fragrance filled day wearing their rosy colored glasses. Okay STOP!


This is  is how we think its like. In reality, the day is kindaa.. just like any other day! especially if its a random Thursday, like today. You’re off to your work/classes, and had made plans with your significant other. If you don’t have one, you shop, take advantage of all the ‘deals’ out there. If you have plans for dining you are planning way ahead to make reservations. Leave early as the traffic is gonna get you. If you have kids, like I do, you have already done a trip to Target and had bought all kinds of cards to be distributed for your kids class. Random Valentine’s day party that needed to be attended by you, or you have already attended, are not necessarily are happening on the Valentine’s day. You…. rushing everywhere, to be everywhere.

Valentine’s day as materialistic as it has become, sometimes makes us forget what it is actually about. This day is to love and honor your soulmates and this is the day when one gets to honor their significant others. Relationships are not easy and one can only understand that, when one is in it. I saw a lot of my classmates prepping for today, and it was more evident for me that today, they are trying their best to keep their messy relationships aside, over come their long distances and plan ahead to they can beat their schedules and spend time with each other. Its all in the small things!


About Sumaira

Hello, My name is Sumaira Ahmed and I am a student at University of Maryland College Park. My major is Communication. In addition to that I am a mom of two beautiful kids,1 cockatoo and 4 parakeets and a wife. To peruse my degree in Communication is a dream come true and I hope it helps me open many doors to a new kind of exciting work later on.
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