Staying on Track

Hello everyone! I hope this new semester has been treating you well. Though it may feel like we’re in a lull right now at the beginning of the semester, this is a time to make sure to plan ahead.

A new semester means another semester of tuition to pay. Maybe you are paying through loans, or maybe a scholarship or two. Make sure to keep an eye on deadlines and payment plans that may be available! For instance, as a UMCP student, there is a Terp Payment Plan for students where you can make monthly payments for tuition. Currently I am working and taking classes at the same time, so a monthly payment plan has been a great help! It’s not late to still enroll in the plan, the deadline being February 20th. So if you are also a UMCP student, I definitely recommend taking a look at it and visiting the Center for Student Engagement & Financial Resources if you have any questions.


A college education is an investment for the future, a privilege we are able to have as students aiming for a goal, a dream. Though a college education can be extremely expensive, there are many scholarships, grants, loans, and other financial aid available. Please make sure to explore all your options, USG is here to help you succeed!

USG also has scholarships for the fall/spring, so make sure to always check the homepage during summer/winter breaks to not miss the priority deadlines. And outside of USG  you can check your respective school’s website for scholarships as well as external websites such as Fastweb.

School can be expensive, but there are many ways to fund it! Best of luck, USG is here for you at every step.

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