The Last Stretch!

Lately all I have been thinking about was studying, studying, and…more studying. It almost seems endless during this time, but finally the last stretch is here! This week final exams will be over, papers will be due, and we will be able to get ready for Christmas and New Years if you celebrate it. If not, it is still a wonderful time to be able to relax and catch up on much needed sleep. Since it’s the last stretch, it’s easy to let your guard down. It can become hard to stay focused when the end is so near, and you might find yourself becoming lethargic and mind elsewhere. Sometimes I’ll look at my textbook,  and have no idea what I just looked at for the past thirty minutes! So as a final note before the end of the semester, I wanted to write about a few tips that have helped me focus and be energized, as well as a few ways to relax.

  • Exercise – Yoga


At USG, the Campus Recreation Center is a wonderful place to start if you are looking to exercise with cardio or if you need to relax through yoga and group sessions. The center even holds events like the end of the semester ping pong tournament, and all you need is your USG ID!

For me, exercising is a great way to relieve stress and to focus on the present. By visiting the center you can find out what type of exercise you like. You could stay for ten minutes or for an hour, by yourself or with others, with music or conversations. The possibilities are endless, so make sure to visit!

  • Phone – Off


Turning your phone off and away from you is definitely not easy. But once you have it away from you, you realize just how much time you might have been spending on it. I tried to make my screen gray scale at first, then decided just to turn it off and shove it into a corner. At first not having it by your side might make you feel distracted, but give it an hour or so. When I didn’t have a device to look at, the only thing left was to hit the books and study. Not checking your phone every now and then can really help you to retain focus, and hopefully you can keep the momentum going until you’re all done!

  • And when break finally comes – Fun!

Beautiful holiday fireworks

What do you like to do in your free time? What makes you happy? Do you have something you’ve been wanting to try as a new hobby or a simple curiosity? Break is a time for you to find yourself and explore your interests in ways you couldn’t during the semester. The semester is a time for focus and studying, but you have to relax and loosen yourself a little during the break to prevent burnout. A steady momentum is important, but nothing can continue forever. Remember to breathe and relax, to put the books away for a day or two, and dive into hobbies.

Maybe you will meet with family and friends, or maybe you’ll find solace in the quiet with your thoughts. Either one works as long as it is what makes you happy and content. Relax this break, you deserved it! No matter the grades you received, it doesn’t change the fact that you worked hard and deserve to relax.

Happy holidays! I hope everyone has wonderful days ahead this break.

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