Piloting Success

Finals are in session and along with countless hours of studying, students must manage their psychological state to end the semester successfully.

During finals week, stress can be mounted from the long hours of reviewing class materials. This can influence sleep patterns. The brain can take time to slow down from working to cover everything that is on an exam. All the academic challenges and requirements that need to be met can take a psychological toll on students. A lack of rest can influence your physiological state. There are many ways you can set the grind of studying down and reset your body to be more effective. Exercising hours before bed, eating nutritious foods and trying to relax your muscles by stretching can all aid your body in times of stress.

What does it really take to be successful in our journey to graduate? It’s all laid out in front of you. You may have three research papers, a group project and four exams in the span of one week. You have the ability to prepare yourself. Most importantly, you take control of your own performance and appreciate every effort you give. Breaking up the work and taking on several individual goals can go a long way. This puts your mind in the right place when time comes to put the hours in. If you’re experiencing problems from certain circumstances or people, remember that the time you set aside for your academic career can be your way to escape. Each obstacle in your life has its own time. People deal with family or financial obligations and still graduate. It is possible.

Take this time to be with the classmates and family that matter the most. Appreciate every moment you spend with them to have a clear mind when you start to prepare for finals again. This will counter your stress and anxiety. While you will undoubtedly experience mental or emotional strain, the only way to go is up.

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