Reflecting on a New Degree

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Ok, it’s this Friday. My nursing class’s graduation. I am tempted to say it went by quickly, but I feel that would suggest that it was easy. It. Was. Not. Easy. It was challenging, aggravating, thrilling, surprising, tedious, joyous, insomnia-inducing, etc. You get it. But, I must say, that never did I once want to quit or think I had made a mistake. Did I have fleeting thoughts that I was going to fail an exam? Yes. Did I ever fail one? No.

Sometimes we (or our subconscious) expects the worst will happen. It usually never materializes though. But here are just a few of the questions I asked myself during my two years at USG and some possible answers:
Question: What if I start nursing school and can’t cut it?
Answer: Well, I would use the many USG resources to get back on track and if I need to reduce my workload, I can go part time and complete my degree in a longer period of time.

Question: What if I fail a skills test?
Answer: Take it a second (or third) time and be an expert at it.

Question: What if I don’t make the Dean’s List?
Answer: Well, I never did and will still earn my BSN just like everyone else.

You can “What if” yourself to death. I believe that it’s just a part of being a flawed human. Anyway, back to me. ; )

So what is next? Study for the NCLEX which is the national exam that tells the Board of Nursing that I do indeed know enough to be a Registered Nurse. And in February, I will start a nurse residency at Washington Adventist Hospital in the Emergency Room. Yikes! Kind of ironic that two years ago right before I started school, I ended up in the Emergency Room thinking I was having a heart attack. (It was actually just anxiety about starting a new chapter in my life.) And now I will be working in one—life can be quite humorous at times—full circle indeed. But don’t worry, I will still be blogging next spring so you’ll hear all about my new adventures and you know there will be tons!


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1 Response to Reflecting on a New Degree

  1. Janet Duda says:

    Well said, girl! Looking forward to being present for the end of the current life and the beginning of the next chapter.

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