Let it Snow!

This morning I opened the door, saw it was snowing, and closed the door right back. I had to take a step back to process that it’s actually snowing in the middle of November. So it’s snowing and USG was closed at noon – now what? Here are some things I find helpful on snow days:

  • If you have a car and are able to, try to go out every few hours to scrape off some snow. You’ll thank me tomorrow when the snow isn’t as heavy on your car!
  • If you’re outside: bundle up and drive slow – the roads are a bit rough out there. I slid a few times!
  • Catch up on school work! I know you may want to nap (you can still do it) but take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Stay warm and enjoy some warm foods. Hot chocolate, coffee, or even soup! It’s COLD.Let It Snow

Regardless of what you do today: don’t let the snow ruin your day! Have a great day, stay warm, and be safe. Also if you’re new around here – check out my post from exactly a year ago. Here’s a hint: Today is National Philanthropy Day. Take some time out today to show some love and do good!

As always, thanks for reading! ‘Til next time! 🙂

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