Being Grateful in an Ungracious World…

16707579_10212369163006947_3509091078021761813_oWhy do we forget about being grateful? I think it is because it’s easy to focus on what we don’t have or where we are lacking. I also think it is normal to think that we always need to be improving ourselves and to not be happy with the status quo. But how would it be to make a list of EVERYTHING you are grateful for? I urge you to try it on for size. Here is my current list:

  • Family, family, family: Most of us would probably put family first. But remember that some people don’t have loving and close-knit families. Taking family for granted is often a mistake that we regret later in life. Why didn’t we spend more time with family? Why didn’t we call or visit more often? Yes, every family has their own set of “dynamics”, but like any relationship, it must be nurtured. So in the words of Michael J. Fox “Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.”friends-become-our-chosen-family-2-800x800
  • Friends: So what if you weren’t blessed with a loving family? Well, although you can’t choose your biological family,  you can choose your circle of friends. Some friends just feel like family. Before starting at USG, I had no clue that I would meet so many people who I now consider family. Some of us are even going to be working at the same hospitals after graduation so those relationships will definitely grow stronger.
  • Freedom: Talk to some of the students at USG who are from other countries and they can tell you stories about how they do not experience the same kind of freedom at home as we do in the United States. Those of use who have grown up here can take our freedoms for granted because it’s all we have ever known. Take the time to speak to fellow students about their experiences in their home countries and it will most likely strengthen your appreciation of living in the United States.

So during this Thanksgiving season, take a moment to reflect on what you’re grateful for. Need a reminder? Consider using a gratitude rock to remember to be grateful. Click here to see what that’s all about. Here’s wishing everyone at USG a Happy Thanksgiving!



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