Photos for the Homepage


Photo from LivingNow

When you open the USG Homepage have you noticed photos of fellow students? USG is incredible at allowing students from each university to share their stories.

What motivated you to come to USG? What decisions and sacrifices did you have to make to come this far, and what are you dreams for the future? Although all of us have come from different backgrounds, our decisions and aspirations led us onto this path where we can meet and reach our dreams through hard work and effort. It’s almost mind-blowing to think that the specific combination of choices we have made throughout our lives have brought us here. Otherwise, none of us might have even met each other! But instead we are here on the same campus, all studying day and night to graduate with a degree of our passion.

When I transferred to USG in August of this year, I saw student stories on the homepage and thought they were all amazing. I had not even thought of the possibility that I could be one of them! However, about a week ago, I was extremely fortunate to have been able to have photos taken and be able to tell my story. I hope that by telling my story, I will be able to encourage fellow students who are thinking of applying to USG to come with confidence and a hope in their hearts.

Remember to take the time to read the stories of fellow students when you can! I found their individual stories to be so inspiring and made me realize that USG really is a campus where so many people from different countries and lifestyles could come together and become one with the same goal – to succeed. When you are walking through the hallways, when you are sitting in the middle of class, the people around you all have a goal in mind and a story to tell. And one day, you might be on the USG homepage too! So make sure to continue to work hard like you have to have gotten to this point, and never give up. Your drive will inspire others to do the same.

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