Animal House

On the weekends, isn’t it nice to visit a place you’ve never been before? We live in the DC area, so there is always a museum, concert or festival to attend. Here is a place you have probably never been to as well as a great way to unwind from mid-semester stress…Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 11.30.48 AM

Think of a magical farm where abused and neglected farm animals can go to live in peace and safety—that’s Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland. I first went to the 400-acre farm about 10 years ago and was struck with the beauty of the landscape overlooking the Potomac surrounded by trees and streams. Poplar Spring was founded in 1996 and their mission is to “offer care, rehabilitation, and permanent sanctuary for neglected, abused or abandoned farm animals, as well as providing a protected habitat for wildlife. They also promote compassion and the humane treatment of all animals by educating the public on farm animal and wildlife issues.”

Just who will you meet when you visit? Here are just a few of Poplar Spring’s residents:


Best buddies…

Let’s start with Clifford and Juliet, two cows who were rescued from a farm in New York in 2014. They were found chained to a tree by a farmer who was raising them for meat. They had been kept chained, with no shelter, since they were one-week old. Neighbors witnessed the calves repeatedly in distress during heavy storms, tangled in their chains and unable to move. We are so glad they are living happily at Poplar Spring now.


Abbie and her children.

Who doesn’t love piglets! Abbie was rescued from a trailer park in North Carolina where she was being kept without shelter, food, or water. After giving birth to seven piglets (!!!), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) stepped in to try to find them all a permanent home and Poplar Spring answered the call by taking them all in.


Perry was abandoned in a crate at the sanctuary. Now, he loves showing off for all the lady turkeys.


And don’t forget to mark your calendars for Saturday, November 17 for Thanksgiving with the Turkeys. Come from 12 noon – 4 p.m to celebrate Thanksgiving WITH the turkeys! Poplar Spring’s turkeys and all their friends will celebrate a cruelty-free Thanksgiving potluck. See details here.


Practicing my chicken whispering a few weeks ago…

If you are interested in visiting anytime, you can contact them and make an appointment for a tour. It is a great way to shake off the stresses of school and is totally great for the soul.

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  1. Theresa Lyon says:

    Anne, this looks like so much fun, and I don’t live very far from Poolesville. Thanks for the tip!!

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