There’s something in my shoe!


Credit via WikiVisual

You know that awful painful feeling you get when you’re walking and all of a sudden it feels like something has magically appeared in your shoe / sock? Well that happened to me today, I was walking through the USG campus from Parking Lot 2 to the Barnes & Noble inside Building III. I wave to a friend and then, out of the blue, I feel an unsettling pinch in my right foot. As I walk I try to shake it off and readjust my foot when I realize its not going away. The thoughts then occur… is it a rock, a pebble, a splint, a figment of my imagination?! Well, guess what?

I still don’t know what it is. BUT my psych professor gave us some good ideas. She thinks it has to do with our pain and sensory nerves triggering themselves due to an abnormal stitching in our socks or shoes. This will apparently cause a momentary pinch-like feeling in our shoe. But sometimes it feels like it moves around the shoe to the top of your foot or the side. So that begs the question, if it is a momentary glitch in the relevant symbiosis between our foot and what encases it, why does it randomly go away and why can we never find what it is? Some things aren’t meant to be answered. But have no fear, we all go through it and all wonder the same thing.

Personally, I think its the gravitational pull of excess dirt flying around the bottom of our feet. Or it really could be our mind playing tricks on us.

Top 5 Explanations

  1. Its a random piece of debris
  2. A psychological trigger that is connected to a nerve ending in our foot
  3. Poor shoe/sock manufacturing
  4. Stress that is caused by homework, exams, and not enough free brownies every other Friday in the cafeteria at USG
  5. Something entirely different

Either way heres a silly song about this strange psychological and physical phenomenon.


              Credit to Raffi via Youtube

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