Return of the Cloak

Before I go into the details of how USG will handle a school shooting when it occurs, I just wanted to comment on an occurrence that graced the UMBC campus this past couple of days. Back in September, 2 UMBC students were sexually assaulted on the main campus. Those 2 students entrusted the school with their safety, however, they were still assaulted. Though the specifics of this event is rather unclear, and there are lots of pieces missing to the public, sexual assault here at USG is something that can happen. As a member of the USG-SC (USG student council), we collectively work together to promote student involvement and safety. After hearing about this event, the student council is acting to provide to students, a flyer and a discussion about what happened in UMBC and how we can all be safe.

Even though we have Mr. Brandt and security staff protecting us, we, as students, can also do a lot more to protect ourselves. These are just a few recommendations when it comes to being safe in safe:

  • Walk in groups

    Image from Kristen Aldridge

  • Trust your instincts
  • Know your surroundings
  • When in doubt or unsafe, tell security and ask them to accompany you anywhere you go;
  • and lastly, RUN, FIGHT and SCREAM for help

These are just a few recommendations. More will be coming from the student council so stay tuned.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog. USG has in place, a Behavioural Assessment Team (BAT) that track and help students and staff with mental issues and difficulties. To know more about the B.A.T click here, but it consists of Andrea Milo, John Brandt, and Jonathan Kandell. They work with staff, administrators to promote campus safety. So, If you see something, say something.

In case of a school shooting, USG has in place a RUN. HIDE. FIGHT active shooter video that addresses how you can keep yourself as well as others safe during an active shooter instance. The 6-minute video (here RUN. HIDE. FIGHT ) is funded by the homeland safety, and it provides clear instructions on how to keep yourself alive until help arrives. Mr. Brandt, goes around each semester, educating students everyone on how they can be safe, so please make sure to give it a quick look.

When there is an active shooter on campus, stay away from the campus and run to safety. Barricade the nearest door, so that the shooter will not be able to enter, and hide. BTW Keep your phones on silent, so you don’t alert the shooter to your location. And finally, be prepared to fight for your life.

There is still more to talk about, so stay tuned.

To find out about what happened in UMBC, click here.

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