Camille Kendall Academic Center (Building 3) A.K.A. the library!

usg Hello Everyone! Our library in building III is vast and has enough space for all of us and more. I’ve been in the library a few time and it was just amazing. The most recent time this past Tuesday around the hours of 12 and 1. I walked in and there were a lot of people, yet I was till able to find a spot to sit and study. There are also many outlets in the the library for everyone to plug their own devices without roaming around for a another spot. The library has these cool little rooms with a table, chairs, and dry boards. These rooms are for groups of students that many want to discuss and work as a group louder than the volumes of the library may permit. My favorite area is the area in the back with these sofas that have the little mini table arms. These have to be the most comfortable sofa around! If you have time,kill, study, or whatever. Spend it in the USG Library in building III!

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