After the Exams


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For many, exams are just around the corner or have just finished. To everyone, congratulations! Whether you are in the middle of studying or are finally able to relax, you have worked incredibly hard.

For me, this week had been the first week of exams here at the Universities at Shady Grove, and they were incredibly hectic! I was studying accounting one moment and trying to make sense of finance the next, and I felt my mind was a jumbled mess by the time exams were here. But I survived, and I’m sure everyone will too!

If exams are ahead, I recommend sticking to the study plan that has worked for you so far, and staying persistent. Whether that be through highlighting the textbook or making flashcards, if the method works for you, then go right at it!


Photo From USG Campus Map

As for location, I found the Priddy Library an amazing place to study because it was so charged with an energy of fellow students working so hard. The hours are also accessible, even offering night owl hours if that is what works for you. The library offers many computer spaces as well as rooms to reserve for groups, so there is a perfect fit for everyone.

And while studying, make sure to eat and drink plenty! Building III offers both the library and the Green Grove Cafe where you can grab a bite to eat and a drink to go with. There are plenty of seats as well, so feel free to move around from the library to the cafe for a change of pace. For me, walking around a little during breaks definitely helped to focus better later on!

If exams are over now, make sure to get enough rest if time allows during the weekend. I was able to sleep a bunch and the difference a good night’s sleep can make is amazing! You can focus and retain more information, and overall be able to stay more positive and motivated. As a fellow student, I completely understand how impossible it seems some days to get enough sleep. So when the opportunity arises, please take it with open arms!

Best of luck to everyone who has exams ahead, and congratulations to everyone who has completed them! Eat lots and get enough sleep, and then let’s get going for the next round of exams ahead!

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