Meditation and the Brain

Did you know that meditation is good for the brain? According to the EOC Institute, meditation affects the brain in such a way that it essentially gets rewired – for the better. As you can observe in the image below, meditation initiates several distinct changes in the types of waves the brain is engaged in.

Brain waves meditation

The deeper one goes into a meditative state, the less vulnerable they become to certain negative states of mind such as loneliness. And the great thing about meditation is that you don’t necessarily have to sit cross-legged with your eyes closed, saying “Ommmm” to achieve the benefits.

In fact, you can meditate even when you are doing simple things like taking an elevator ride or waiting in line to pay for your lunch. Instead of listening to whatever is going on around you, try taking your attention inward, to your breath.

Another meditation technique is to head to YouTube and find a “sound therapy” type of video like this. Put in on a low volume as you lie down to sleep one evening. Enjoy the sounds as you drift off to sleep in a peaceful state of mind.

Some really smart people at USG decided it would be a good idea to provide a space for people to be able to recharge their batteries. If you happen to be on campus and need a quiet space to breathe or meditate, be sure to check out the meditation space in Building III, fourth floor.


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