Debunking the Back-To-School Myth

What’s the first thing most people say when the thought of school is mentioned to them?

“Don’t remind me.”

This is a classic response to an age-old debate… does going back to school make us think our lives are going to be miserable? Well the THOUGHT of going back to school is certainly a daunting one for most people but how much effect does that really have on us? Well, guess what, scientists have ACTUALLY studied this!

A study done at USG found that our neurocognitive framework, fancy wording for: the place in our brain that activates thoughts and perceptions, is largely inhibited by free-time and the more free-time we have, the more our brain produces a chemical that feeds into that framework and generates what we perceive as happier more positive emotions. But when school starts we know inherently, we will have less free-time therefore our brain isn’t getting what we need to maintain those levels of happiness therefore the conclusion to this study is pretty obvious and the verdict is clear, right? Wrong.

Researchers have found that nature-watching, exercising, painting, and occasional (once a month) intermittent fasting will enable us to mentally stimulate the same part of brain that was being stimulated by our natural “free-time fillers” we employed during our summer days i.e. relaxing, vacationing, day-dreaming, sunbathing, etc.

So even though school = less free-time we just have to spend the free-time we have, doing other activities that stimulate the same part of our brain just through a different method. Its like setting a destination on Google Maps, no matter which road you take to get there, getting there is all that matters.

Keep in mind though that being in school can actually be fun! Reconnecting with friends, going to school events, playing sports, being grateful for the holidays, and even traveling abroad are all possibilities! Even though the work can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding, so enjoy your time in school because we only get out of it, what we put in.




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