Our Cloak of Invisibility. Part 1

You come to school. It is safe and sound. You go to class, maybe the cafeteria or library, then leave school safely. You go home or work, do homework, eat, sleep then repeat it the next day.

You’re back in school today. You’re safe. Hooray! But, have you ever thought about how all that is possible? Maybe, but what if I told you that the security you see in buildings I, II, and III, are all part of a large schematics here to promote your safety?

On March 14, 2018, I remember my friends and I joined the national walk out for the students who lost their life at Parkland. Ever since this occurred, it prompted me to want to become a part of USG’s decision-making team. I joined the student council, and in this 2018-2019 school year, we–the student council– are working to promote even more student safety.

On Wednesday, September 28, 2018, I sat down with the Head of Security, Mr. Brandt, at USG to discuss security here at USG. Mr. Brandt is a university police officer veteran with 38 years of service. He has spent most of his life ensuring that students like you and I can return home to our families. How does he do it?

USG has had quite an impressive reputation for being a safe campus thanks to Mr. Brandt. It has been 4 years since the last car break-in; 5 years since a robbery, and the campus has no sexual assaults or bike stolen. (I tell you, the last time I left my purse in the library and walked out, I came back to find my purse untouched and just the way I left it. That being said, please keep your belongings safe and with you). Security here at USG mainly focuses on robberies, assaults, and theft because those are more likely to occur than school shootings. Most of the school’s security budget goes to ensuring that neither of these crimes occurs. Security around each building regularly patrols the building to make sure that every student is safe and sound. They watch and take note of student behavior, and red flags that are a threat to students, staff, and faculty and eliminate those immediately.

But what else is there?

How is USG security going to handle a school shooting when it occurs? Find out on October 12.

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