From University to a Career

Hello everyone and welcome to USG! As a junior who transferred to USG not so long ago, the first few weeks of classes had been hectic! With exams coming up soon it can be easy to forget everything else, but I would like to take the time to tell you about the career services that USG offers so you can plan ahead.


Located in Building III, the Career and Internship Services Center is a wonderful place to have your resume reviewed and ask any questions you have concerning what career path you are looking for, to where to find internships. And not just that! You can also find opportunities for externships as well as practicing for interviews.

The Center is full of wonderful people who want to help, so make sure to stop by!


When you feel ready to go with your resume all set, the USG Career Connector is a great way to start looking at full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities. You can filter the search results to find the exact position that is the perfect fit for you, and they can update frequently so checking back often is best.


For UMD students in the Smith School of Business, there is a specialized resource to look for more opportunities. In the first few weeks of classes HireSmith had been an extremely helpful resource for me, where I could submit my resume for feedback and make it the best I could. After that, I had been able to filter by city and state, as well as the area of focus to find internships I knew I just had to apply for.

Without the Career and Internship Services Center, the USG Career Connector, and HireSmith, I would have had no idea where to even start looking for all these opportunities and job openings. Although classes and studying is the first priority as students, make sure to take the time to visit these resources that are available to you as a student at USG to make the most of your years here.

When you are all set, check out the Career Fairs and Employer of the Day emails in your inbox so you don’t miss out! You never know what recruiter’s eye you might catch, and that one meeting could lead you to a position you never even thought of.

Good luck everyone! As students here at USG you’ll all do great!

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