Write it down!

To start off my first blog of the semester, I just wanted to say welcome new USG students and welcome back to the returning USG students! We’re a few weeks into the school year already and I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s been a struggle trying to get back into the flow of everything.

The main tool I have found to be super helpful is my planner. I’ve developed 3 reasons why my planner has become my new best friend!

  • Organization

I try to tell myself that I can remember everything there is to remember and typically, I’m pretty good at it. But every so often I find myself missing a reading or an assignment that was so easy to do. This semester I made it a point to write everything down!

  • Time management

When I write things down, I’m able to allot time to my studies, school events, leisure time with my friends, and even some alone time for myself. It seems like once it’s on paper it’s official and I tend to take it more seriously.

  • Because #adulting

Truth be told being an adult means being organized, time management, and getting things done when they need to be done. When I have all my things in order and I know when, why, and how they need to be in order; I feel like an accomplished adult!

Whether it’s scheduling things on your phone, through calendars on your email (I do this too, especially at work & it’s amazing!), or buying yourself a planner to hand write it all down; I’m an advocate for using something other than your mind to remember what’s going on. I know we’d all like to think we’re super human but here’s to trying to not miss a thing! If you feel you’re all over the place, maybe it’s time to put a plan in place yourself.



Check out mine! PS. It’s the #LifeAtUSG Planner 😊

Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time.

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2 Responses to Write it down!

  1. Theresa Lyon says:

    Andrea, these are some awesome tips. I think that writing things down is incredibly beneficial when it comes to remembering what’s important. 🙂

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