Having grown up where I have, I have had the pleasure of meeting people from all corners of the world. Diversity is as normal to me as birds in the sky and fish in water. From my time in Montgomery County Public schools to Montgomery College and finally to the Universities at Shady Grove, I have been immersed in diversity.

During these trying times, diversity is often seen as a double-edged blade. To some, opening ourselves to diversity may lead to dangers. Politics aside, the fear of the unknown is perfectly natural. There’s a reason most of us learned to crawl and walk before we ran. Why we have flashlights to venture into the dark and why information is seen as invaluable as gold in our society. Diversity, however, is not something to be feared but instead embraced. USG does exactly that with its multi-cultural-bilingual, diverse student population. USG is host to a wide array of clubs, organizations, and events that seek to embrace the diversity that makes USG a wonderful representation of what Montgomery County is all about. Personally, I have taken part in Terps Without Borders and have witnessed the work done by the Care package club. Both are organizations on USG that seek to give back to our local and global community by sharing information and resources with places all over. Events like Cultural Tea Time and International Night invites students to come together and share what is so great about their own cultures.

At USG, we grow and learn together, inside and outside the classroom. This type of diversity is quickly becoming the truth of the country and even the world. As global populations continue to become more mobile and fluid, we can expect greater diversity in the years to come, despite the efforts of the fearful.

As a MCPS, MC, and UMD student, I cannot recommend USG enough.  Here you encouraged to be an individual while learning about the world around you as well. Thanks for reading and remember to be open-minded in your interactions with others!

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