How to: Summer

How to: Summer 

Welcome to another one of my posts! Summer is well under way for most of us now, tans are developing, barbecues are being used, and the beaches are packed. For those of us taking a staycation, I thought I would let you know about what’s going around locally in the DMV.

Right at the Universities at Shady Grove campus, the rec center, library, and bookstore continue to have summer hours. Useful in the event you want to work out, study, or buy your books early for the coming semester. The hours are;

Rec Center

M-F: 12 PM – 6 PM

Closed for the weekends

Priddy Library                       

M-Thursday          Friday – Saturday    Sunday

9 AM – 9 PM         9 AM – 5 PM      12 PM – 5 PM



10:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Closed for the weekends
Besides what’s going on at the USG campus, there’s tons to do around the area. Washington D.C. is conveniently metro-rail accessible, meaning you have full access to everything the city offers. Whether you walk the National Mall and see all the historic sights, or go visit the many free museums, you’ll be sure to find some way to spend your time.  

Along with the cities that dot the landscape, there are many parks within a few hours drive. Cunningham Falls is a personal favorite, complete with many trails and a nice lake for swimming. Brookside Gardens is much closer and very beautiful no matter the season. With beautiful flower arrangements and great sights, selfies are a must here. Lastly, there’s Sandy Point that offers a lot for a small park. Great place to have a barbecue and enjoy the summer breeze.


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