Just Because I’m Leaving…

That’s right! This will be my last ever blog post 😦  It has an honor and a pleasure to be able to bring you guys some type of news and information. I know many times it seemed like it was me just ranting about my school work. But that was why I wanted to join in the first place, to share those experiences with everyone.

Blogging has definitely enhanced my communication skills and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I definitely think my voice, as a writer, has gotten strong. I am very grateful to myself and Kristen Koehler for this opportunity. I would stay on and continue to tell everyone about my life. However, my senior year is expected to be crazy busy. With student teaching, actual classes, working at CSEF, Student Council (yes! I made it on to the Council), and the Council for Exceptional Children, I will be a busy body. That being said, since I am quite active on campus, I plan to make the most out of my senior year at USG.

I am not sure when the Student Blogger Application is going to be pushed out. If and when it does, please apply and give yourself a chance to let your stories be heard and read. It is an amazing opportunity and you get to work with amazing individuals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and all my previous blogs. Please feel free to stop me in the hallway and say hi, if you can catch me. Just because I’m leaving, doesn’t mean we aren’t friends anymore 🙂 


Just a nice picture for you guys to remember me by.

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