Vacation Time!

vacationIt is incredible that the semester has ended! Where did time go?

The last week of my semester was very intense; it involved a lot of presentations. I was battling with some allergies as well as a cough, but I managed to finish the semester strong. I also got a pleasant surprise by getting an “A” in my twenty-page research paper.

It is no secret that graduate students compromise social activity and vacation for school work. While this can be beneficial to achieve short-term goals, i.e., completing a project, the long-term effects can be stress, exhaustion, and burnout. I have decided to go against the grain and take much needed “me” time away from work, school and other responsibilities. So, I have planned to travel half way around the world to Kenya! I will be traveling on Thursday and will stay there for ten days. My plans are simple: relax, mentally detox, go on a wildlife safari and spend time with family.

I hope that you have plans to take your vacation as well.

Cheers to finishing the semester!

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